5 Simple Ways to Enjoy Sweet and Evergreen Sikh Marriage

Every Sikh bride and groom expects to have a sweet and cheerful marriage, but no one is ready to compromise just for little adjustments. A married life is not as easy as you imagine because it requires adjustment, love and mutual understanding between Sikh husband and wife. Wedding vows were just formality for saying yes I do, but the reality is different. It may be extremely difficult to survive with your life partner at the very beginning of a marriage relationship because this is your first-time experience to take care of everything for your loved ones. A happier and sweet marriage is not where the Sikh couple loves and care for each other what is primarily required to stay happy forever in evergreen marriage. These points may be more challenging for complying in a marriage relationship, but absolutely works much better.

Think First What Brings You Closer

Make sure you both have common interests to spend holidays leisurely outside. If you didn’t plan a honeymoon trip in the beginning of your marriage, plan it immediately without wasting time for consideration. The Sikh bride & groom invest a big amount of money for luxury arrangements why not for the romantic honeymoon journey. It might be helpful for you to create an untold story.

If You Can’t Stay Happily Don’t Be Rude

Sometimes Sikh husband and wife may be in trouble, but can’t avoid it that means they are both responsible for having unexpected problems in a marriage. One of the best solutions that can make you happy, but you should not react rudely at least while suffering.

Do Some Funny Things

When you get free time at your home so you must really organize some fun plans to bring a smile on your face. It will not only refresh your mood, but also cherish your relationship. When you do things together this is a time where you are going to create some special moments to avoid bad feelings about your marriage relationship.

Agree What Your Spouse Decide

In some marriages, disagreement is a major cause of creating troubles in your relationship that is not good at all. Sometimes your partner doesn’t understand how could be it irritating for her to get agree to disagree, but undoubtedly will not hurt you at least. Punjabi marriage matrimony is good process to find online grooms and brides.

Trust Each Other

Trust is the most powerful secret of having a sweet and evergreen marriage where no doubts, suspense and bad feel between husband and wife. Trust always builds a strong and healthy relationship.
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Sikh Wedding The Most Amazing Things No One Ever Tells To The Newlywed Sikh Couple

Sikh marriage is the most vibrant and colorful ceremony ties a nuptial knot between matchmaking couple. Sikh matrimony occasion is very loving and cheerful event to enjoy extra celebrations. Some things are really significant towards matrimonial life between husband and wife. A happy marriage makes feel good experience to the Sikh newlywed whether you keep it cool, calm by avoiding little daily arguments. Consider some points what really makes much happier to your marriage relationship. Remember love is an action to remain your relationship loving and understandable intended to live a pleasurable marriage life together.

Talk Much and More

Communicate regularly with each other as much as possible because this will really help to know amicable behavior of each other. Marriage relationship is a fresh start for Sikh brides and grooms gradually they come closer to know each other. Initially they are not friendly enough to share their feelings and desires for this relationship.

The Newlywed Will Change

After getting married things change time to time, but that doesn’t mean this is impossible to stay loving and caring for each other. As a husband and wife both have good and bad experiences that affects a married relationship. These differences can change your feelings and importance this really very bad thing because changes are universal comes frequently but doesn’t mean you change too.

Your Spouse May Be the Cause of Problem

Hard time reveals strength and unity of the Sikh couple that’s really important to consider. This hard time may be a financial issue, casual obstacles, health related problem and any type of stress. But if you go to tackle such issues lonely thus, it will awfully affect your relationship. If your spouse is in trouble trying to make him or her relax by giving solid support.

No Marriage Life Is Perfect Forever

Sikh newlywed couple are new for this forever companionship wherein a lot of ups and downs, obstacles happen that really makes them frustrated. This is the hardest and challenging time but not prevent to make efforts towards ending such problems. Work together every time to know the value of your unity to face any struggle of life.

Spend Time Together In Long Journeys

Being married means you are perfect one soul in two bodies. Go through to enjoy the most pleasing journeys together by arranging your holidays for night outs, party, cinemas and dinner.

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Sikh Matrimonial Services Simply Find Your Real Life Partner

Sikhism word is derived from Sikh refers a “Disciple or Learner” believes in the immortality. Sikhism is the big follower of holy scriptures “Guru Granth Sahib” fundamentals in their cultural and religious activities. Sikhs are present worldwide and most prominently speaks Punjabi language. Sikh wedding ceremony most commonly takes place in “Gurudwara” to tie a nuptial knot between matchmaking couple. Sikh marriage is a vibrant and colorful ceremony that is enjoyed with lots of fun and joys. Sikh Matrimonial Services and Sikh marriage customs and rituals are really interesting and fun-loving to enjoy a lot together.

Sikh marriage is called pandal wherein all the wedding guests, relatives and family members are assembled to participate in the holy union of Sikh bride and groom. This is an official alliance between bride and groom in the presence of their elders. Sikh bride and groom take four rounds (Laavan) around “Guru Granth Sahib” while the priest sings holy chants to seek blessings for couple as they are legally husband and wife from this day. If you are single so far come to join our Sikh matrimonial site to choose your someone special for a happy marriage. We are happy to help to manage your wedding arrangements by our expert professional Indian wedding vendors.

5 Great Gifts to Make Surprised Your Husband with a Cute Smile

You are approaching what must be a great choice to make please your husband. In the marriage relationship you have an idea to make surprised your loved ones. Never let it to be boring your matrimonial relationship, check out what’s in modern trend to offer as a gift to your husband. You may really have an idea about like and dislike of your husband. Every wife must offer some surprising gifts to her loving and loyal husband. You may present birthday and anniversary gifts but something different must be, that is only on surprising gifts not related to your wedding special. Gift doesn’t mean expensive and luxurious what you and your husband like most. A starting phase of matrimony life is extremely romantic and lovable but as time, gradually passed out romance and importance becomes hazy. No relationship remains same forever time changed everything. We came up with the idea to make surprised your hubby.

Keep a Greeting Card 

Keep a greeting card on the desk beside the bed. You have to write about it, please come outside; a wife gives him a loving kiss and hugs then go for surprise dinner. This is a romantic and a surprise plan to make him happy. A wife must order his favorite dishes would be a great idea. Take a single plate to enjoy dinner this will encourage your love and affection.

Surprise loving Gift Idea 

Every husband likes surprise gifts; even you should choose it first surely will make your husband smile. Sometimes wives must also take initiative to create loving and romantic moments lonely. What can be your surprise gift, consider it? Give him a sound I love you along with Smartphone, attire and more.

Pack Your Husband lunch 

Pack his favorite meal for lunch. A homemade dish is always something special that makes happy to your spouse. In matrimonial life, a wife must do such inexpensive things for her husband. These little things can really help you to find that you expect and deserve.

Invite His Family 

Without saying to your husband, invite his entire family either for lunch and dinner or a long journey. When he will come back from the office make a big welcome for him by his family. Nothing can be more real happiness than this. This idea will not only make him happy but also emotional.

Touch but don’t Taste 

A wife touches his heart many times by doing little things, but never tries to taste your husband sincerity and loyalty. This can create differences and distance in your happy relationship.

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Bengali Colorful Custom Tying A Nuptial Knot In Bengali Style

Bengali wedding custom plays a significant role in the Bengali wedding ceremony. Bengali wedding celebrations are official presenting step by step towards the wedding day special. This wedding ceremony is much joyous and colorful occasion wherein all invited guests and hosts enjoy a lot. Bengali wedding ceremony celebrations begin with the kabin ceremony. A nuptial knot of the Bengali matchmaking couple tied in a Bengali traditional way. A lot of joyous moments are the significance of the couple’s holy union. Bengali weddings are closely connected with their religious and cultural beliefs. A large number of series and colorful custom and traditions elaborate around matrimonial ceremonies. Bengali marriage rituals and customs are quite traditional and meaningful towards the happy accomplishment of the wedding ceremony. These are basic dominant custom formalities are given below:

Wedding Attire 

Even, if you are familiar about the wedding ceremony every couple look unique than usual. This is a very special day came into their life what they have dreamed of ever. On the wedding day Bengali bride wears traditional Ghotoks or Bengali traditional stylish saree with custom ivory jewelry cream or white color gifted her at the wedding in Delhi ceremony. And Bengali groom wears traditional Dhoti kurta on the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Custom and Tradition

Wedding custom and ritual create many fun-loving and exciting moments in the matrimonial ceremonies. Wedding custom and traditions are the significance of religious and cultural beliefs.

Adan Pradan: Adan pradan is a very first custom formality arranged by both families together. The priest matches the horoscope of the couple to unite them in a holy relationship. After declaring it both families exchange gifts and traditional ingredients in this first meeting.

Vridhi Puja: Vridhi pooja is a special occasion to recall the ancestors and seek their blessing for this new lovely life journey. The couple wishes to have a happier wedding ceremony without barricades.

Bor jatri: This is known as the Baraat wherein groom and special guests and hosts are assembled to visit the wedding venue. A Bengali bride is waiting at the moment for his life partner.

Saat Paak: Saat paak is a traditional significant sacrament take place in mid of the wedding ceremony. The couple takes seven rounds by tying a knot with another.  These seven rounds are meaningful towards the future life of the matchmaking couple.

Vidaai: Vidaai ceremony is a blend of joys and sorrows because the couple takes a departure towards their new home. But the bride is much worried to take this new life journey also she is leaving her Maika on this day.
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