Sikh Wedding Customs and Rituals That Makes Big Day Mesmerizing

Sikh Wedding

Sikh marriage is a blissful and exciting ceremony brings two different people together in a marriage relationship. Marriage is not a strong and pleasing bond between husband and wife, but also two families. During matrimonial ceremonies, religious and custom practices take place to seek blessings for a happy and prosperous life of a future couple. Through a sacred union of a cute couple is to bring closer to the divine love. Sikh wedding is also known as ‘Anand Karaj’ which symbolizes the holy union of two different men and a woman forever. It is typically elaborated various exciting matrimonial customs make it a fascinating event, including Sangeet, Haldi, Mehendi and many more joyful ceremonies. Sikh is a rich and opulent culture believes in royal arrangements for conducting wedding occasion. Let's know more about Sikh matrimony here:

Kurmai or Engagement Ceremony
Engagement occasion is one of the most pleasing and exciting that is performed with lots of preparations to impress groom’s family members on this ceremony. It is a one-step taken after fixing marriage alliance of a bride and groom. During this future couple comes to exchange engagement ring that is a symbol of love. It is an official announcement of marriage.

Chunni Chadai
This is the second ceremony; groom’s family arrives in the bride’s house where a mother-in-law offers a red color chunni to a pretty bride. A mother-in-law also offers gifts, jewelry and garments etc. This is a shagun when she pastes a little mehendi design on her hands as an acceptance of bride into a new home.

Chooda Ceremony
Chooda ceremony is a colorful event that takes place among Sikhs and Punjabi as well. In this custom bride’s maternal uncle offers a red and white ivory a set of 21 bangles and kalire is also tied with.

Maya is a tradition equally celebrated at both homes where Sikh bride and groom are not allowed to leave the house. It is to avoid evils and damages for a couple.

Gana Ritual
In this custom, a sacred red color thread is tied to the left forearm and groom’s right hand a couple of days before an actual marriage. It is a strong belief of people to protect the couple from bad eyes and happening.

Vatna Ritual
This is a haldi ceremony takes place a week before wedding ceremony where a blend of turmeric paste, sandalwood and mustard oil is applied to the brides and grooms separately at their respective homes.

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